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HOLA GHANA ONGD is an organization founded in 2010 by Óscar Pérez and a few friends interested in helping African children.


Óscar was born and raised in Santander, Spain. After graduating from high school he began working as administrative assistant in a local small business for several years until he launched his first venture at the age of 21: POLO café & bar. His original plan was to earn enough money to buy some property and start a franchise. But things turned out differently than expected and Óscar found that the only way to get ahead was selling his business.

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Óscar then moved to London to learn a second language while working as a waiter to pay for his classes. He also lived in New York before returning to Spain where he worked as a credit analyst at American Express, and two years later, convinced that this was not the job he wanted to do, Óscar quit the company to search for his true vocation. He needed some time to reflect on what he really wanted out of life so he walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, where he met Mamen. Óscar was profoundly struck by Mamen's love toward others and her experiences volunteering in Burundi and India. He was able to see in those societies the lack of opportunity for children to develop their potential, thus decided his vocation was to travel to Africa and do whatever he could to help out.



Óscar began exploring his options and discovered Ghana. He spent all his savings in a volunteer trip to African Angel, an orphanage that takes in children from Bukom, one of the poorest areas in the capital. Both Bukom and Harriet (the founder of African Angel), amazed him. After visiting other communities, orphanages, hospitals and schools, meeting many people and getting in contact with various organizations, he finally decided to create his own, raising money in Spain and sending this private capital to Africa, making a larger impact on the area and helping children in need.


from 670€

* 1.400€ Socios Hola Ghana

2 semanas

Orientación e información previa al voluntariado. Conversación con Óscar, fundador de Hola Ghana

Curso de Inducción al Voluntariado y Pack de Bienvenida (*solo envíos a España)

Acompañamiento personalizado durante el proceso (visa, seguros, billetes, etc.)

Recogida en el aeropuerto de Accra y compartir el viaje con unos anfitriones únicos: Óscar, Rose y Wisdom

Inducción en terreno y coordinación 24/7 por organizaciones locales y equipo de Hola Ghana

Alojamiento con familias locales o hostel Ma Waningye (incluidas 3 comidas) 

Voluntariado en proyectos de 4 a 7 horas al día


Conexión con líderes locales. Visita a comunidades en zonas rurales y urbanas

Donación a proyectos y organizaciones locales 

Certificado de Hola Ghana (para deducción fiscal de hasta el 30% de la donación. Ley 49/2002)

Certificado de Viaje de Aprendizaje












DISCOVER the story of HOLA 


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