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HOLA GHANA places great importance on security, for that reason, the countries where volunteering programs are available must be politically stable and secure at the moment the participant decides to travel. We have first-hand information coming from the directors of locals NGOs, We also encourage participants to contact the Ministry of Foreing Affairs of their countries for additional information.





Once you have decided, you may send us your resume (C.V) and a personal statement stating what motivates you to travel, so we can evaluate your admission; In case of requiring additional information, the director of the local NGO will contact you directly. As soon as you are chosen to participate in one of its volunteering programs, Hola Ghana will provide the corresponding documentation, where you will find specific information about the country, local NGO projects, Visa, vaccines, travellers record, insurance, luggage and other key aspects. We are at your disposal to answer any question you have before, during, and after your experience.



In advance of your arrival to the country, we will provide you the local director e-mail so that you can contact him whenever you want, as well as the phone number and contact information of the projects installations. We also show you photos and videos so you can get used to the project. Some of the programs of the local NGOs have the suport of personal assistants which coordinate the experience and complement the labor of the local director. In order to provide a better attention to the volunteers and solve any doubt or problem this staff is available 24 hours a day. Each project that Hola Ghana colaborates with, having been visited by Óscar, Hola Ghana´s Founder, who has been spending time in the field consolidating relationshisp with the local NGO and mutual support in order to work together for the local development and transformation through years.




1. We send you a complete dossier with specific and practical information of the country.


2. We also give you the HOLA GHANA pack, which includes a book, shirt and other awesome items (home delivered to any place in Spain).


3. The local coordinator will accompany you the first days so you can get use to the surroundings.


4. The director or other staff members will give you specific recomendations about cultural habits and traditions.





The director of the local organization or the coordinator , is going to wait for you in your arrival at the airport unless you ask specifically to arrive to the project by your own. These kind of organizations are always trying to be the ones who pick you up personally. Sometimes if the situation requires so they use taxi services with people that have been working with the organization long time ago. The local organization is going to give you an individual or shared room in optimum conditions of cleanliness and comfort. People who take care of your stay can comunicate with you in english to make it easier.



Regardless on the situation, on field you count with the local director´s support in order to take you to the closests hospital if required.





After your experience, you can share your stories with other people by publishing in our Blog and also keeping in contact with us or helping as an Ambassador. Hola Ghana cannot provide in any case a volunteering certificate, given that we don’t take part in the programs, and the volunteering is done at the local NGO. In case you need it, don’t forget to ask for the volunteering experience certificate to the local director before your return.

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